pictures with stories

The girl with a lot of potential in her, has already went to another stage in her life.
We all went to the airport to support her during her departure to fly overseas.
She is now somewhere out there, undergoing a crash course to discover the newest technology available in information technology.
She will make everyone proud.

Be cautious whenever you want to dine in this one particular shop at the lower level of Ikano shopping mall.
I went to this restaurant, and I choose to try one dish from it’s menu.
Baked potato skin, stuffed with minced meat and cheese sauce.
Sounds mouthwatering, eh?
What I got is burnt potato with over cooked meat and I guess the cheese evaporated before it arrived on my table.
The waiter mentioned that it is ‘not burnt’. It is supposed to be cooked and eaten that way.
Yeah, right. It’s hardly edible.

One fine weekend I rode my bike towards Subang, Z’s neighborhood.
Had a good time eating together and then I saw a stall selling crystal salt lamps.
It is said that these lamps would ionize and clean the air in your home.
I have always wanted one, but hesitated since it’s normal price range is 60 bucks.
But since it’s getting to be a common house d├ęcor item, you can get a small one at 25 bucks.
Yeah, I bought one in Subang. It’s pretty, and it adds the orangey soothing orange ambience too.

These are the small ornamental flowers that goes together with the bouquet of twelve red roses that Z gave to me, last Valentine’s Day.
As the whole bouquet lost its freshness, I separated them all and put these small lasting pretty flowers in my room.

This scenery was taken around fifteen minutes after my flight took off, leaving Palembang.
I suppose those bunch of islands belong to Indonesia.

This is Aaron Hoshi. It is estimated to be at least three years old.
Last time I used shreds of tree bark on the tank floor, and a rock shaped dish for its food.
I changed to a new floor bedding and also a bright green dish to give the tank a fresh look.

This is my dad’s watch. It’s a good replica of the real expensive one.
He bought it at Kuala Lumpur’s China Town.
Underneath the watch is an LV wallet my dear friend gave me.


lyana said...

astaga!!!! salt lamps??????? *sigh*

anyway, kenapa kepala hoshi nampak grey??? and he's not as green as i remember him..;(

::airswift:: said...

hoshi is already 3 years old.. it's like 12 year old for human life span. reaching teenage years mah. that's why not green anymore.