people's behavior

Recently I went to attend my brother's convocation at one of the famous halls in Kuala Lumpur. Going there was easy, but the parking was something to tell about.

All the visitors parking for bike was full even.
Therefore I sneaked at the first floor and parked my bike there, and I saw that there is some more space for other bikes to park at the same place.
Not really a big problem.

But after the graduation ended, as I approached my bike, there was this old guy with uniform walking towards me.

He said,
This parking space is reserved for the staff of *a political party*.
Do not practice this parking habit.
Luckily your tyre was not punctured by the people here.

I looked at the parking space and it was obviously still has a lot of space for the rest for other bikes if they come to park after me. I do not see any reason to fuss about it.

I think all these people are just a bunch of uneducated rude people.


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cain & abel said...

And that's why he's ONLY the parking attendant. If he had more manners, he would have been a manager instead. So technically, he's already being punished for his rudeness... ;p