typing with my eyes red

Not because I am crying.
But because I am kinda sleep deprived.
However, I really have to get used to this.

This week, I was accepted to go through a training session,
before I am confirmed to be part of the team of a company in PJ.

The company in some unexplainable way has more female than male in its staff population.
What I like about the training session is that I could see a very healthy working environment where they all would sit in groups discussion together, and the people of higher positions are mixing well with the rest of the people in the company, including us, the trainees.

The nature of the business is inclining towards financial consultation, hence I had to learn a lot.

During one discussion, suddenly one of our supervisors asked us where was World Cup being held. Of course I did not answer that and she suspected I hate soccer. Of course I agreed with her.

So what sports do you play?

I swim and I 'gym'.

::BOSS::Oh, he likes all the sports without exposing himself under the sun. He takes care of his skin.

(Everyone giggled)

(Blonde trying to be firm)
I swim because I get good cardio exercise, and also practice my muscles
I work out because I want to tone them up.
Soccer is just a waste of time, with risks of injuring and dirtying yourself.
Soccer is so overrated.

That's something. You go for sports for the benefit that you can get from it.

(Anyway. I actually felt like answering like this instead to offend everybody there.)

Uols janganlah kacau mak macam ni.
Mak tak suka sports.
Mak suka drag saja.

You all are just jealous that I am prettier than you all.
I don't like sports. I only like cross-dressing.)


Bibik Nyonya said...

why don't you turn up drag at work one day....biar lah the supervisor rasa....haha ha!

lyana said...

i dare you letak gambar 'umarina' pakai curtain on the company's website!!!!