love knocks the door the least you expected it

My iguana pet, Hoshi, would act normally as other iguanas do.

Hard to tame,
Always scratches the tank and want to jump out of it,
And runs in a greedy giddy way whenever I release it to roam inside the apartment hall.

As usual, today in the evening as I indulge myself watching Sex and the City DVD, I released my pet from its tank, to have another exciting discovery adventure in the hall.

After iguana proofing my house by closing all doors and windows, I watched the tv, and only checked the naughty lizard once a while as it dashed from one end of the apartment to the other.

As I was so busy with the idiot black box, slowly Hoshi walked towards me on the carpet. I looked at Hoshi and looked back at the TV.

And to my most pleasant surprise, suddenly Hoshi jumped onto my left arm. It just stayed there, looking at me.

For a moment there, Hoshi achieved a certain level of tameness. It never budged, as if hoping for my response. So I gave it a rub on the neck and it closed its eyes.

Ah, it’s nice being loved, even by a pet.

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