Some crappiness to kill the time...

Layer One:On The Outside

Name : Trumpet player and perenang terkenal. Chet perasan.
Date : why? U want to give me birthday present is it?
Current status : slightly hungry, and trying HARD to make this entry interesting.
Eye Colour : colorful like coloured pencil luna staedtler like that.
Hair Colour : colorful like buncho poster colour. Eh! I discovered one joke!
“Please bancuh your Buncho properly.”
Righty or Lefty : I use both to play my trumpet, I use both to become a butterfly swim butterfly.

Layer Two : On The Inside

Your Heritage : sungguhpun i am pure malay, but people think that i am indian. Don't like u know!
Your Fears : kachuak and hantu. Eeee.. scary the marry.
Your Weakness : anything with cheese. So sinful but i cant help it lah.
Your Perfect Pizza : i still favor carbonara pasta than pizza. Pizzas are often so dry.

Layer Three :Yesterday, Today , TomorrowYour Thoughts

First thing when I wake up : wah so cold today but better i wake up la because i want to go find job some more. So depressed being jobless.
Your Bedtime : wah so nice so nice my bed so fluffy and thick thank you ikea.
Your Most Missed Memory : 256MB memory.

Layer Four : Your Pick

Pepsi or Coke : try the starbucks new banana choc chips! Nice also.
McDonald’s or Burger King : fried bitter gourd at spicey's hartamas. Hahah jealous? I feed you some bitter gourd you want?
Single or Group Dates : group dates with the gang la. Can go watch B-rated horror movie together-gether.
Adidas or Nike : alah! Everytime i choose a nice design, surely got WMNS. No point la right?
Tea or Nestea : earl gray tea. Vogue not?Chocolate or Vanilla : chocolate and vanilla AND strawberry please.
Cappucino or Coffee : if i drink coffee i will headache-headache-housefly.

Layer Five : Do You..

Smoke : last time i tried smoking to look macho, but perhaps i ended up look like a hooker.
Curse: cursive writing difficult to write/read la, like worms like that. Better let it stay simple.
Take a shower : i prefer indulge in a hot aromatherapy bath with flower petals around. hahaha.
Have a crush : computer crash got la. damnit.
Think you’ve been in love: yes, you alls. It's nice to take care of someone who cares for you.
Go to school : only if someone offers me a ride because i dont think it's wise to bike four towns away to reach my old school.
Want to get married : choi..
Believe in yourself : this one needs cher to sing it.
Think you’re a health freak : no lah, i just swim to show of my oh so beautiful bawdy. I kan model. hahahahaha.

Layer Six : In The Past Month

Drank alcohol : no la. I used that to clean up my cd player onli.
Gone to the mall : alah, the mall is so five minutes away from my apartment. Sigh, well...
Been on stage : on stage, in front of stage, outside stage, beside the stage, all got. Under the stage never been la because so eerie wei, scared that my friends would lock me inside.
Eaten sushi : euw! Why suddenly it sounded wrong here?
Dyed your hair : those were the days. I cute enough la no need dye dye one.

Layer Seven : Have You Ever..

Played A Stripping Game : havent la. But how about reading comic strips?
Changed Who You Were To Fit In : i never change into an aminal but friends can call me a bunny. So bad you know.

Layer Eight :You’re Hoping To Be Married : what's this marry, marry marry? Marry had a little lamb?

Layer Nine : In a Girl/GuyBest

Eye Colour : perlu ke....Best Hair Colour : any color also can. How about ash green.. wah.. that'll be so cool.
Short Hair or Long Hair : short spikey stylo stylo cuba hong kong like that la.

Layer Ten : What Were You Doing

1 Min Ago : i was typing the part where “people can call me a bunny”
1 Hour Ago : trying to rescue all my online photos but there were so many. Curse my crashed PC!!
4.5 Hours Ago : i was trying my best to work out at home but very lazy wei.
1 Month Ago : analyzing the theories secretly with mama diva regarding on bibik's new food tapau-ing habit. Who is that misterius guy? Aku lari dulu naaa...
1 Year Ago: oh, i went to phuket and was at the peak of my camwhore status.

Layer Eleven : Finish The Sentence

I Love : to eat raw juicy bitter stinky onions in front of the horror of my friends.
I Feel : that the parkson store in a nearby mall should be burnt down for introducing durban and john master, and stopped selling tommy jeans and samuel & kevin.
I Hate : err. spiders?
I Hide : my stack of naughties cos u want to steal them from me so that i appear decent.
I Need : to stop now because i am getting so lame!


Bibik Nyonya said...

huah huah huah......mulut dier punya puaka!! Salah sangat ker i pack food for housemate??! What i baik hati sikit cannot ker? Mak keysah tau!!

lyana said...


anyways, gosip nyah!!! bibik tapau food for housemate ke? amboi so very the loving........

Anonymous said...

Funny lah the way you write your post. I found your blog from Bibik's.

catty said...

LOL very entertaining layers you have there.

Yeah...what IS with bibik's food tapauing habits? It's not like him to be so vague. So mysterious! *Aku lari dulu*

::airswift:: said...

fuh! a sigh of relief! and i thot i din manage to do this tag properly. til the next blogging, 'letter'!!

::airswift:: said...

jangan la mare bibik. i know u baik hati one.