terms not to be confused

Once inside the car after a suprise-belated-birthday-steamboat-dinner, me and my friends were laughing about the words sometimes pronounced wrongly by us. Well, it happens all the time actually.

There were a few wrongly spoken words that "tickled-tickled my heart", I laughed inside.

Term: Crows

Not to be confused as: black stray birds that the city council often shoot them dead.

Actual meaning: shutting an opening.

Example: Please crows the door.

Term: Foo

Not to be confused as: A chinese name

Actual meaning: the state where an area or compartment is filled with the utmost capacity

Example: I dowan to eat anymore, I am already foo.

Term: letter

Not to be confused as: a document addressed to a particular reciever

Actual meaning: afterwards

Example: After we are done, we will see them letter.

I think I am out of idea.
I will add some more terms when I can recall them letter.

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