funny funny

I discovered this old post that I posted on friendster. Kinda funny. Hope it will cheer up your day.

1.Change my eye color, what color would they
be?: -color pencil

2.Have any hair color in the world, which color? -
coloring book

3.Instantly be fluent in one language, whic
language would it be? -body language

4.Instantly be able to play an instrument,which
instrument and why? -texas instrument

5.Get any job in the world and be good at it too,
which job would it be? -b... opsss.. cencored

6.Live anywhere in the world, where would it be? -
mawi world? tidaaaaaaaaakkk

7.Join any band, which band would it be? -rubber
band. if you join them together you can play,
inside outside inside out.

8.Have any superpower, what would it be and
why? -kasut power tak best la. i nak super nike.

9.Relive one of my favorite memories, which one
would it be? -80 gig memory

10.Magically alter any aspect of my appearance
without any pain whatsoever, what would you do? -
to be exactly like leon lai. hik

11.Eliminate one bug from the planet, which one
and why? -captain planet. eh? u were talking about
the bug not the planet ek? ops wrong number

12.Bring any TV shows that went off the air back,
which ones would I bring back? - hari ini dalam
sejarah. :P

13.Be the president, what changes would i make to
my country? - make everything pink and glittery.
imagine pink streets with glittery traffic lights.

14.Could become an animal, which animal would
you be? -three little teddies

15.Eliminate one season, which one and why? -
wuchester sauce seasoning because it tastes

16.Improve one of my five senses, which one would
I improve? - nonsense.

17.instantly become famous, what would I want to
be famous for? -famous amos la of course. haiyor
that one also u dunno.

18.Change my name; what would I change it to? –
changing room.

19.Paint my room, what colors would it be? -err..
paintshop pro?

20.Be an instant millionaire, what would I do with
the money? - i keep in the bank. yeah,

21.Meet any famous person, who would I meet? -
mahatma ghandi, boley?

22.Master one school subject, which subject would
I choose and why? - mastermind.

23.Visit any planet, no matter how far -planet

24.Spend an unlimited amount of money in any
one store, which store would it be? -store room

25.Go back to one of my younger ages, what age
would you be again and why? - new age.

26.Get one piercing and/or tattoo without any pain, what
would I get? -on my left kidney.


lyana said...

masuk court.

hands down!

Bibik Nyonya said...

tsk tsk tsk.....masuk court in all its glory...

catty said...

Masuk court overload! Funny la.