reformat, reboot.

After a few weeks of my PC being idle after the disastrous virus attack, I have decided to format the whole hard disk. I had to erase a whole two years of historical records in my life, inside that disk. It was devastating.

I lost:

:: a huge collection of photos- my holiday in Phuket and Singapore; all the orchestra concerts that I played in; my friend's graduation day; all the fun stuff I did with my friends and my dear dear Z; etc etc.

:: all my mp3 tracks of Mika Nakashima, Ken Hirai and orchestral songs.

::all the 'fun stuff'. Ops.

Anyway. After freshly installed graphic softwares in my PC, I can now create and draw some designs, for the fun of art:

A prototype of a wind orchestra workshop.
The trumpet; I draw myself you know!
Ugly hor.

A design using the photo of my friend's feather duster.
I could have drawn one but I still dunno how to lar.

A design of an orchestra's business card.
I like my design of the logo.

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lyana said...

feather duster dah ada..bulu merak bila lagi?