nothing much, just about the orchestra

Yesterday I went for rehearsal for the university orchestra. Just like any other previous concerts, this one is a concert to celebrate the birthday of the royalties who are the chancellors of the university.

After so much drama and challenges faced by the orchestra, a lot of things changed, at least for this latest concert rehearsals. So much of improvement, that I am so eager to jot them down here.

The rehearsal studio was unusually full of musicians, and even the benches for visitors were used for the brass players. The whole center floor was full of thirty strong string players. The synthesizer was not needed to support the strings. The electric guitar and jazz set toned down a lot to give balance to the whole orchestra.

Just next to the string section were the oboe and the saxophone, and they are also good players.

As for the brass section;

There were five strong trumpeters and it was only me who hadn’t performed in any solo trumpet recitals. The rest, are all trumpet majors. Gosh, you can just tell without even talking to them, by just listening on how they warm up their instruments. Short, clear notes being played in various scales. I was actually nervous!

There were four strong French horn players, and also three strong trombone players. And yes, most of them are doing major in their instruments.

How I was delighted to receive a paper folder with my name written on it, just like what the other players got on that first day. Inside were all the music notes neatly folded, prettily designed invitation cards, a formal offer letter, and we were also given a musician pass lanyard each. It felt like an event goody bag which I would actually keep and make full use of it! It’s just so unusually well organized.

And then the rehearsal started.

Although the song arrangements are mostly the previous ones that I played, but with a strong orchestra team like this, it felt different. It sounded like an Istana Budaya pop orchestra performance.

I am so being encouraged to perform well in this concert.
Come and watch, it’s on the 1st June.
Let’s just hope the sound system won’t destruct the balance in the real performance!


lyana said...

mak jealous nyah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but yeah, good to see the orchestra back again.

uwaaa..tak der org rindu mak dalam saxophone ke???? ;(

bigfatwitch said...

i'm missing orchestra like crazy. It's actually painful not being able to play music. My only relief is the badly maintained music room on campus (guitars' are missing strings, keyboard doesn't work, and the drumset is just sad)

It's good to hear that the orchestra is doing better than last i heard (falling apart & whatnot) Wish i were in the performance...

::airswift:: said...

we were really busy and really tired. the machines are running until this friday.