this is my life now.

Regardless that I myself would regularly feel cynical, and resigned, I have created five possibilities in my life.

a) Being a peaceful person, with no judgments, giving up arguments, and listen to people beyond my own opinion.

b) Being a philharmonic level trumpeter.

c) Being competent, and having a lot of skills.

d) Being confident, outgoing, and pleasant in my communication.

e) Being a person who is present and focused and devoted with all the things that I do. That includes leisure and responsibilities.

And these are the five things that I am being, right here, right now.
Of course I need you all to remind me, whenever I am disoriented and out of track.


Bibik Nyonya said...

Hmmm...point no. A kurang viable lah up arguement? can u imagine how boring the world would be if everybody did the same thing?? horror!!!

::airswift:: said...

giving up argument as in giving up defending to my own opinion. and see the other person's world and opinion.

lyana said...

listening is good, but you must also give out your opinion jugak.

you can achieve anything in life, darling, just have to put effort and your heart into it. ;)

Bibik Nyonya said...

apasal tak update update??! nak mampos?

::airswift:: said...

jangan la marah bibik.
kalau marah terus jadi ganyut.