Recently, after I completed one of my five daily obligations to God,
A thought came through me head;

What if someday I had to witness the sun rising from the West,
And the holy words from the Koran suddenly vanished and not available,
And then it’s too late to mend anything between me and God?

I decided to take on that I am being responsible with my relationship with God.
I seek for the possibility to be forgiven, and to be in the light.
(And of course I know that God is witnessing me now, and all the time He does).

I was reading the Koran in the morning and I found something really interesting.

In Malay;

Janganlah engkau mengusir orang yang beribadah dan berdoa kepada Tuhan mereka pada pagi dan petang, sedangkan mereka menghendaki keredhaan-Nya semata-mata. Engkau tidak memkul tanggungjawab sedikit pun mengenai perhitungan amal mereka, dan mereka juga tidak memikul tanggungjawab sedikit pun mengenai perhitungan amalmu. Maka sekiranya engkau mengusir mereka, nescaya engkau tergolong dalam orang yang zalim.

And in English;

Send not away those
Who call on their Lord
Morning and evening,
Seeking His Face.
In naught art thou accountable
For them, and in naught are they
Accountable for thee,
That thou shouldst turn
Them away, and thus be
(One) of the unjust.

Al An’am, 52.

Reflecting to my life in the past,
I realized that I always disagree with the sounds of a housemate,
Who would get of his bed in the early morning, and say prayers to God.
I never really say it, but I have to admit that my heart was saying things like
He is a show off, and he is trying to look good, and he tries to look better than any of us.
I actually cast him away quietly for doing his own accountability.

In naught art thou accountable for them, and in naught are they accountable for thee.

I acknowledge my friend for being responsible for the love between him and God, and I want to take example from that.



Bibik Nyonya said...

Sheeeshh....for a minute i thought you're turning straight...buat takut mak jer!

::airswift:: said...

takde maknanya.
i am what i am.
the orientation confusion issue is so yesterday already :P