so cute la you!

Some of the calls that I made tend to have cute conversations.

An Indian auntie answered the house phone, telling me that her sister is not at home.
I asked for her sister's number, and she went and asked a small girl (probably her daughter) for the number. It seem that the girl wasn't sure of the number too.

"Ey! Seven nine or nine seven? What are you tockkkking la?
Ey, bodddooo la?"

One Chinese guy talked to me through the phone,

"Saya memang mau check gigi, tapi sikalang tidak senang la. Nanti bila saya mau buat opoinmen saya call your clinic la."

Another old Indian auntie was repeating her daughter's number for me, verrry slowly;

"Toojoooh... lapan... similan... ampat tiga."

Oh by the way this a photo of the fish in the clinic aquarium..


Bibik Nyonya said...

the fish look like my students when i yell at them " ulangkan what i said just now?? See....donno!"

::airswift:: said...

blur blur face.