sounds like i screwed it up but no i din'

As I was handling a call for a patient at the clinic, suddenly my phone rang. It was mom, and she wanted to check whether I am going for the walk-in interview today after work.

The job offer sounded good, with a 3k salary per month. But of course such a huge salary has its catch. I need to work at the help desk entertaining clients, and the shift might be done at odd hours.

I hesitated by saying that it's a huge company and I do believe that their requirements would be too high. My mom insisted me in trying my luck, who knows that I will get it.

After feeling myself dragged into it, I went and checked about the job post through the internet, after I have finished my shift for the day.

There was no helpful information, except that I was reminded that the office is situated in Cyberjaya.

And I now realized that my hesitation was not about whether I could get the job or not.
I just don't want to deal with it because the distance is so far away, I know that it won't work.
I am not willing to shift away from my lovely Damansara district.
And I am not willing to waste time travel, having to deal with upsets of weird shifts and long distance.
It's just not worth it, no matter that people think that 3k is a big fat chance that I am going to lose.

Every choice needs a decision, I have made my decision, and I am responsible to it.

So I called mom, and explained it to her.
Mom sounded slightly upset, but she let me to do the decision, and passed the phone to my brother.

My brother who was the person who informed me about the interview, and he took my explanation really well. In fact I said thanks; and he suggested to me to send my resume to another available company too.

It's really nice when I am willing to be in communication.



at times theres more to it than just money...

at times we make sacrifices and not neccesarily will that make us better off....

hold on strong 2 what u want to do...

::airswift:: said...

hehe.. i could've gone for the job but the distance of the work place way to far for me to consider taking the job.

anyway i'm still looking around for a good offer.