it's so sweet it's killin' me

How sweet victory is.

After so much interesting experience
of my previous lurvvely belonging being stolen away from me
which cost me two months of salary;

After so much determination
and patience of saving each penny that I can;

After having my little voice pounding the message so loud:
"It's so hard to buy what I want!!"-

Alas, I got my new even lurvvelier gadget.


But my little voice is saying something different instead.

This is just a small gadget and what's the big deal.
It's not even considered as a huge success.

It's funny that the little voice can make myself feel slightly confused,
making me tilting my head left and right,
until I became like, eh? what's that thing which made me happy again?

I thank my little voice for it's opinion.
I choose to indulge my phone now.

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