the three sisters

Taken from KL PAC's official website, this is the sypnosis of the performance I watched recently there:

Three Sisters, done Japanese style - One of Japan's most acclaimed dance theatre performance groups, Pappa Tarahumara, have taken the Anton Chekhov classic, which talks of the decay of the privileged class in Russia and the search for meaning in the modern world, and given it a Japanese twist.

Set in the Japanese countryside in the 1960's, the story centers around three unhappy women, each with their own hopes and dreams, growing up in a restrictive world that inhibits their aspirations.


This wonderful dance/play teases with human madness in the mixture of their own emotions.

It exaggerates the irony of how we act in a funny way, triggered by our feelings- whether we are overwhelmed, shocked, happy and content, furious and angry, or just being stuck in confusion.

This Japanese performance represents us as human beings having commotion inside, no matter where we come from any part of the world.

Without much dialog, the actors effectively reached the audience, made us felt touched, disturbed, and even laughed by unexplainable humor, strong gestures and bizarre expressions portrayed by them.

Me likey.


Bibik Nyonya said...

indeed it was a lovely performance. I enjoyed it thoroughly and thank god we made it. It'll be so wasted if we missed it. Ha ha ha!

::airswift:: said...

at least we know our small term "yauu" is actually an international theatrical term. hm.
apa aku merepek ni.