blue. yellow. and colorful.

My old baby blue fake Crocs were really worned out, they even have holes more than they used to have. So I discovered that there are new fake Crocs being sold nearby, I grabbed them. Haha.

Nice not? Dark blue color. Yes, yes I know they are not ori. I will get one ori pair when I get the money lah. I took this picture in the clinic.

Mentioning the clinic, one of our regular patients in the clinic were happy with our service and sometimes they bring food for us to eat. For the recent visit, they brought us this.

I don't really fancy bananas as much, but I eat them anyway. And these are fresh and yellow!

Recently me and my friends decided to ban the mamak restaurant that we used to go often because:

-The waiter is unbelievably rude
-The coffee has lime smell in it
-The tandoori chicken is literally rotten inside.

We went to survey for a new place to hangout nearby the place that we stay.
How delightful I was when we discovered this new mamak restaurant, MUCH better than the one we banned.

They even have onion rings, chicken wings with mashed potatoes, pizza and such!

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