8 random facts about me

I was tagged by bibik to post this.
I'm not gonna follow the rules though, because all the people that I have in mind to tag has already been tagged.

Fact Number 1

More often than not, I would type my postings in Microsoft Words before having them posted online. The purpose is to make sure that my spellings and grammar would be checked by default. At least I won't be spelling the word "definitely" like other people do- "definately"!

Pooop! I run first to Taman Negara and hide there scared people throw me a burning torch wait. But anyway; I am now typing without using Words, so esscussse my Ingrish ya.

Fact Number 2

I ALWAYS tidy up my bed when I leave my room. If I am really in a rush, I would just arrange my pillows neatly, fold the blanket clumsily and pull the comforter at the ends to make it look neat. But when I am having a fever- the room would look like as if I brought a drug addict in. Pillows kicked all over the place; water bottles on the computer table; and smelly shorts everywhere.

Fact Number 3

I listen to walkmans since I was thirteen.
Starting from a huge cassette player the size of a handbag (that I proudly clipped on my belt, oh my gawd), I changed to different types of walkman. Now I got myself a walkman phone!

The chronicles of my walkman belongings:
Huge fat ass cassette player - another huge one - one high tech digital use only one battery; which was robbed from me during night before Merdeka - another few cassette players - Discman - another two CD players - one MD player which was borrowed and lost - three mp3 players - one walkman phone which was stolen - and finally now a better walkman phone.

You add the cost of buying the whole collection can sum up to buy a whole ship of gula-gula asamboi sweets.

Fact Number 4

Both my tiniest toe nails have already split to two parts. Permanent damage. Irreversable.

Fact Number 5

I am allergic to all clothing material except cotton.
Especially when it comes to briefs. But that ain't stopping me from buying the fancy ones. Only that I will suffer itchyness in silence lah. *scratch scratch*
Oh but the worst one? That is to wear pants made of WOOL. They look like normal cotton pants, my father hand it down to me. Oh my gawd, I was really itchy it felt like there were bamboo leaves stuffed inside!

Fact Number 6

Besides that I am now declaring myself allergic to cili, and hot spicey food.
Two days ago I ate laksa which is supposed to be harmless, but my throat felt a bit swollen. It got worse, and I had fever; and I had to skip work for two days.

Do not offer me hot food- I poke the cili into your eyes and nose.

Fact Number 7

I am scared of cockroaches, and all critters which have more than four feet. That includes crabs, and prawns, and butterflies. No excuse!! Okay butterflies are pretty, but don't put 'em near me. I became blue last time when I had to enter this butterfly farm. My gawd, it's like a torture chamber you know! I can high five with Sponge Bob Square Pants because he is scared of butterflies too.

Fact Number 8

I can be highly caffeinated by... tea.
Don't even mention coffee. That would make my eyes pop out.

Fact Number 9

I'm prettier than Bibik.


Bibik Nyonya said...

hamboi hamboi...we only need EIGHT facts okeh! BACA BETUL BETUL ARAHANNYA!! Nak kena cakar....nanti mak bagi meme 99 facts about myself kang baru tau....

lyana said...

and liana is the hottest of them all.

larrrrrrrikkkkkkkk setempat.

savante said...

Wah. Coffee would have you jitterbugging all over then? :)

Doesn't blogger have a spelling check as well?

::airswift:: said...

hi savante!
i guess they have a spell checker here but i prefer to draft my blogs first before putting them online.. hehe.

memang la kau hot tapi tunggu bila mama diva drag. mesti kau tergugat. hahaha...

haih if sampai 99facts, all secret in the underwear have to be told.