So many things been heard.
So many things I have read.
So many incomplete things, unfairness and
So many groups are not satisfied.

A friend told me it's not safe to buy a house right now,
because the politic scene is worried as to be unstable.

Am I worrying too much? I can't deny that.

But as I was riding my bike and looking at all the flags being exhibited everywhere;
I had this fuzzy feeling inside.

Am I the only one left feeling that way?

This is the country
Where I could sip my drink outside the coffee shop, instead of running into the woods to survive the war

This is the place
Where I could swim freely, watch concerts and enjoy life, instead of finding shelter after a huge earthquake disaster

This is the place
Where I could walk hand in hand with my friends of ANY race
Without being scared and being judged.

This is the land
Where I experience life, appreciating difference- after all, we are all the same.

Despite thre's another nation's red and white flag hanging on my bedroom door-
I could choose to stick with this hidden detest towards my own country;
or I could choose to love my country for what it is and what it is not.
I now decide to choose the latter.

From there,
I could really appreciate all that we've got here.
And for all the things that is lacking in the country,
I would react just like the rest who care-
nothing else but for the love of the country.

I pray for the peace of the nation, now and years and years and years to come.


Catty said...

I agree that we have so much to be thankful for a peaceful country but we cannot be complacent and take this peace for granted. I cannot help but feel afraid for the future of the country I love because a handful of "bad apples" deem it suitable to suppress the freedoms stated the constitution, ignore the laws of this country, turn a blind eye towards corruption and wrongdoings and are unjust to the people who, for generations also call this country their own but are still considered outsiders.

Selamat Hari Merdeka to all Malaysians. May we never forget what our fathers fought for: Freedom from oppression, justice and peace.

::airswift:: said...

I so agree with you Catty!
These handful bad apples are the bad apples.

I have judged the whole Malaysia wrongly; only by referring to these bad apples of variable spaces- those who are corrupted, or those who are extremists, or even those who choose violence in action and rudeness in words to fight for fairness. Not to mention those who belittle each other's religion and faith; who do not appreciate the differences that should unite us as a nation.

Because of my judgement-
I have ignored the existence of Malaysians who love peace, Malaysians who care for the welfare of the other races more than theirs, Malaysians who are concerned of the helpless people; regardless which ethnicity that the unfortunated ones come from.

May the wise leaders (only those who are the good apples and not the rotten ones) would take the best actions to ensure that the people's needs are fulfilled, and peace is still maintained.