the blonde who dont have TV

Happy merdeka.

Last night, after so long haven't entered the club scene, I celebrated with aching feet as my legs were not prepared with the two hours of non stop dance.

Despite that I did not see any fireworks at all around the twin tower, it was quite cute to witness people in the club, regardless of any ethnicity, were capable of singing along Rasa Sayang, Lenggang Kangkong and Tanggal 31. At least all of them shouted at the Merdeka part lah.

The next morning I was given a shock when what's left on the TV table in my apartment; was dust. I did not expect that my friend will claim his TV that quick. I wasn't at all prepared.

So I went down into this breakdown, well, I have to admit that TV is a neccessity in life especially when I am stuck at home on a holiday with nothing to do and nobody was around. Naturally I would blame my friend for not being empathic at all for taking away the TV without at least one month notice in advance. How could he be so heartless?

So on and on I was in my breakdown but then I see that it doesn't really work if I just stay on being that way because I'll get more stressed with something that seem to be a small matter at the first place.

I took on creating a game; the game of not having a TV at home.
It doesn't matter whether I will win anything or I lose anything;
but if I win, I'll get a huge win- I'll get a huger a better TV.

So I decided to experience the game.
What's so is that I have no TV. What can I do to fill up the blank space of this missing entertainment in the house? I looked back on how I survived the time I did not have the TV.

I used my PC which has a TV card!
So off I went to town, and get my PC fixed (the cooler fan was spoilt so I replaced that);
and I shifted my PC to the hall.
There, now I have a temporary mini TV to watch Astro again.

But that's not the end of the game yet.
So I have a temporary TV now. What can I do next?
I decided to go out and survey for a new TV.
And IT WAS FUN. TV nowadays are so affordable.
I could see that I can save some money and get myself a plasma TV.
I'm so inspired!!!!

Apart of that, as I was analysing myself, I tried on again this concept:

The thing that you hate about people is the thing that reflects about yourself.

I make it mean that my friend was mean for just taking away his TV without thinking about what his friends might feel.

What hit me was; I did the same thing to my boss in the dental clinic.
Instead of waiting for her to be around in the clinic, I sent her a phone text saying that it's my last day working; and I never thought that I might be leaving her incomplete, and worried because there would be no staff taking care of the record of overdue patients.
That was really something that opened to me.

And as for my friend the TV owner,
There's nothing wrong of him doing what he did.
He only claimed his rights, and he was really a noble friend;
for lending us his huge big ass TV for years of entertainment, in my apartment.
He's a good friend, it's only me who's not choosing him.

So now I choose him for what he is and what he isn't.
It doesn't matter if breakdowns occur in the future-
I will choose him again, and again.


Bibik Nyonya said...

err....happy inspiring and may you get a new TV soon :)

lyana said...

haaaaaaaa. mainlah board games. ;)

w-o-L said...

beli tv cap hayam kecik2 sudaaa~