the trolley story

Who says I don't have breakdowns at work?
I do have them, but only from breakdowns you can get breakthroughs.

This morning I was supposed to shift a PC to a department for a new staff.
I went to the Maintenance Dept. to get the trolley.

And they said, the trolley is not with them,
and the last person to use it was from my department.

I recalled that it's true that my colleague used it last Friday,
but I'm sure he is responsible enough to return it once he's done.

I called him to check.
Yeap, he said, he already returned the trolley.
I checked back with the Maintenance Dept, and they were not satisfied.
At that time I made myself feel bad, and I made it mean that I was being scolded.

I was dwelling in my own rackets that the trolley is missing and we were blamed for it.

I decided to get off it. This kind of feeling doesn't make any difference.
The trolley is missing, and it's not our fault.
What I can do is that-
the next time we borrow the trolley (after it is found of course)
I will make sure that we sign a form,
and sign again to prove that we have returned it.
It's just the matter of making things work.


lyana said...

mak dengar on blog orang lah senah!

Perky said...

who did your colleague send it to in the Maintenance Dept? Or even better, bring your colleague along to the Maintenance Dept and ID the person.

Yeah, having forms signed sure is handy =)

::airswift:: said...

all is already settled. the trolley was found at the exam unit. kami tak bersalah kak.

oh, yeah, yesterday i borrowed the trolley and i signed in at the audio/visual form. a bit unsuitable but at least i put note that i borrowed and returned the trolley for that day.

mistic bliss said...

kiah, ya allah, teringat mak zaman moda moda kita dolu. waktu menolak troli sesama. hehehe.

babe, ur pics ker yg slama ini u letak kat blog nih. they were fantastico babe. u shud put a copyright watermark on it. u hv gotten urself a dslr or is it the ol camera that ure using?

::airswift:: said...

ayo kiah, overla kalau saya ada slr.

gamba gamba saya ada banyak source.

a) guna camera minolta i always have

b)guna camera phone sony E.

c) photoshop them all.

d) hamek je dari internet.