my purpose in life.

After a few weekends of seminar, I can now see the purpose of my life.
This is the charter that I have created, as a guide for me and everyone, of what I am being for myself. It’s like a personal constitution, for me to look upon to at each moment in life.


My purpose in life is to bring peace to the people that I am related with.

I strongly hold onto these values


What I can be counted on

Racket Free
Willing to give up own upsets and human machinery in order to:

  • Create and maintain a joyful & harmonious environment
  • Rigorously diminish other people’s upset
  • Sustain workability

Play Full Out
Perform all out in work or play, for optimum two-side satisfaction

Give up being prejudice
Seeing the values and potential within all walks of life

Responsible in Communication
Take ownership and responsibility to restore connectivity after a communication breakdown

Communicating with strong intention, to make a difference.

Be Powerful
Raising the bar in life, and (at the same time) choosing life as what it is.

Choosing breakdowns for breakthroughs no matter how hard it would be.

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