just a small share with you guys

This morning as usual I had sahur with my beloved family (warm freshly cooked fried rice, and fried chicken. And also pudding cake with caramel poured on it. Yummy.)

And then I went to take a nap- which was a mistake.
I went on sleeping although mom reminded me to do my morning prayers.
And I overslept til half past seven, got panic, rush to go back to my apartment-
that's from Ampang to Damansara-
and get myself prepared to be at work by 830.

Din' make it. I arrived at 841.
So, it's not a wise choice to skip your morning prayers especially when you were given the chance to do so (eg: waken up by your mom).

Anyway, LOL, that's not the thing that I wanted to share.

In the afternoon, I listened to this very nice speech said by an ustaz just before afternoon prayers.

Once there was this person, came upon him and asked this question. Perhaps we ourselves have this same question in mind.

"Ustaz, please don't get mad when I ask you about this.
God made us humans.
We did not even ask to be humans.
And once we are humans, we are given the burden to perform our responsibilities, follow the Islam rules and all.
Is this fair for us?"

And the ustaz explained.
It was quite something that we can look into ourselves.

This is roughly what he said.

Islam, as a way of life, is never meant to be a burden.
God said that He would only give duties which are perfect and which we are able to deal with.

We could do aggresive work outs, play sports- and get ourselves sweaty, exhaused and sometimes injured- but we do it anyway.

But isn't it ironic when we are called to perform our prayers- in the comfort of our homes, without forcing our muscles to the max- but we feel reluctant to do it anyway?

God's knowledge compared to us is like a never ending ocean compared to a small drop.

It's just a matter of us, putting love to the game of life in performing our duties to God.

And that advice goes back to me. :)


Bibik Nyonya said...

This font is much much better. Kalo dah liwat, MC jer lah! Ha ha ha!

w.o.l said...

kiah, u ingt tak, waktu kita practical, bulan posa jgak kan? OMG! that's a year ago. haha. i miss those moments. =)

::airswift:: said...

kiah, my job now is more less like practical. i need to do activity report too! fun, eh?