random shots. again.

Teeth, anyone?
These acrylic teeth were kept nicely in a box.
They are for patients who would want a makeover with their natural sets of teeth-
it's called 'crowning'.

Cosy house.
This is my friend's apartment.
He has a very huge tv, like those they have at indian restaurants.

Oh, no, gonna rain.
Taken after I had a few laps in a public swimming pool in China Town.

Sparkling new.
The library at another branch of the college I am working at.

Black coffee: super strong.
Taken at a nyonya cafe in a mall in Damansara.
I became super duper alert after taking a sip.

Witnessing 50th birthday.
Taken at Merdeka night, and there were no fireworks here. Too bad.

This is luxury.
Spiral staircase with a small marble pond at the bottom,
taken at my trumpet private student's bungalow.

Sudden darkness.
I was preparing to work and the sky was bright.
A minute later, suddenly it was really dark.
A strong gust of wind blew this huge, huge cloud to Damansara.

Taken at Central Market area, after watching theatre.

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