The nation was shocked and saddened by what happened to this lost little girl recently.

I couldn't help but feeling the same way.
I have a dear smaller sister, and mom said, she would be as petite as the girl in the news when she was at the same age.

Thinking on how this little girl suffered the pain of being tormented gives me the eerie chills, and it's impossible to bear.

May her death wouldn't be wasted.
May the investigators able to capture the killer; so as to avoid it to happen again.
May we be contributing something for her worth; at least by taking care of the children that we are responsible of; by always keeping an eye on them from the danger out there.

At least the assurance that I can have for myself is that
this innocent little girl is already in one of God's seven heavens-
living as a fairy; playing by the sparkling stream, by the most magnificient beautiful garden we can never imagined.

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lyana said...

what's really disturbing about this is the fact that we no longer have a safe society. gone were the days when we can easily let our children be carefree and experience life, as everything needs to be 'guarded' now.

al-fatihah to her too. and I hope the killer will find remorse.