baby steps perhaps

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This is something that my human machinery would hesitate to share. But only by sharing I could live up my possibility of being clear and transparent, and living up my hugest dreams.

A few days after having quite a mind provoking conversation with dear dear Z and Bibik, I’ve done a few small steps that actually I never intend to do too soon.

First, I went to the front desk of Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, at KLCC. I requested for a form for me to enroll in the Education Outreach Program, so that I can get myself a tutor to improve myself. The whole management office was in a meeting at that time- so I was assured that they would post me the form instead.

Due to what my friends said to me that in the norm the MPO would expect student applicants to have some level of music background for them to audition before they can get tutored, I did not hope much.

After contemplating into my second decision- I have decided to send a humble phone text to another prominent musician, instructor and lecturer. He is based at the National Theatre.

I was really lit up when he actually called. I was like- Oh my god, Oh my god.
We chat a bit and settled to have my first meeting to get his consultation after Idulfitr.

There’s a very long journey in front there that I can see in front of me.
I can choose to walk briskly, or I can choose to cycle very fast.
Of course I have fear- but I won’t let my human machinery put me down.

With the trumpet in my hand,
With the charter of life that I’ve already created,
With my power to say what my life is going to be written,
With close ones who would always remind and guide me,
And with the love of God,
I will go very, very far.


zacharoo! said...

Since I first known you to today, you've gone far to achieve your dream. I'm very proud of you.

::airswift:: said...

It's all because God let me have you in my life. :)

lyana said...

you know i'll be cheering you from far, far away.

choreography suruh bibik buat, okay? ;)

"save the cheerleader, save the world!"

Perky said...

Well good for u darling! =)

::airswift:: said...

thanks for the cheering darlings. =)

lyana said...

darhling, will you and the gang be going to 'P.Ramlee the musical'? it looks good...with siti (yes, your siti!) playing the role of 'Azizah'.

update on the theatre here hey?


salam sayang raya dari brisbane! ;)

::airswift:: said...

i've got two tix for me and bibik.
will report later.