gossip. hm.

Crisis is happening in the school orchestra- again.
I guess by this time I can now choose that this is a normal situation for any organization, the established ones included.

From what I have heard, this time the crisis involves about four to five parties. I am not sure which party is at fault, but any party who is as fault would be tarnishing other parties’ names and their own name too.

It’s quite ugly when a party wants to be in power, by using the dirtiest strategy ever- spreading gossips about the rest.

Each of us has already given a lot of effort to build the band. If you want to gain your own interest by improving the band, by all means do it, but don’t do it by ruining the others. Do it ethically and legally, and don’t spread rumors. Be upfront and transparent, because otherwise you will lose your own dignity.

Sigh~ here we go again. I am SO trying my best not to get involved this time.

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