to be in it or just get off it

Boy, was I really hooked up with my work these few days. I did not even write anything after work, since I chose to do things like go swimming, practice my trumpet, teach my trumpet student, having dinner with friends; or just take a nap.

Written shortly of the ‘significant’ experiences that I’ve got this week-

I was totally dwelling in my own nonsense, where I just leave my aimless noise inside my head controlling my career life, as it bitches about everything and everyone in the college.

To the extent that I even can get annoyed and feel left out when one of the VIPs here went and greet my colleague and asked his help instead of ME.

Nonsense, right? I told you so.

I’ve totally thwarted my Charter of Life, not spreading the peace to everyone that I am connected with- my inner voice was so all about myself.

My inner voice- it assured me to hate the staff and students, all in one.
I can say that I was being prejudice, discriminative and perhaps, yeah, racist.

Perhaps it’s the small things that I don’t share which made me just follow and get carried away with the nonsense in my head.

So now I’m sharing it here.

The students- regardless of how intellectually challenged they might be, despite of how morally questionable they can be, they would still be a contribution to the society in many levels that they would be.

I can choose to continue to be rigid, stuck and awkward;
But I can choose to be resourceful and respectful,
And act like how an IT Executive should be.

It doesn’t matter how people think or say about me,
What matters is that I can always choose
to be responsible in controlling all situations at the first place.
When both parties are feeling uncomfortable between each other, it takes just one side to initiate a good communication and a healthy environment.

By being concerned on the welfare of others,
That’s when you’ll naturally give up being uncomfortable of yourself
And you won’t have the time to care about the less significant stuff.

So what is my first step now?
Just focus on doing the work, and shed off my nonsense away.
After all, they are just nonsense, they don’t mean anything.
I am still as powerful as how I want to be, and always will be.

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