this meme is less blonde.

This is the meme where we complete the sentences.

1. I've come to realise that my last kiss was the one that dear dear Z will always like. And it won't be the last.

2. I am listening to arrangements which suit my definition of quality, whether it's pop or classical, whether it's light or orchestral, whether it's Malaysian, Indonesian, Bangkokish (huh?), Japanese, Chinese or Ang Moh.

3. I talk everytime I feel like talking, but now I really want to practice talking with intention to make a difference.

4. I love my life. It's literally great with all the things that it offers me- the goodships and the hardships. And also the fish and chips. (huh?)

5. My best friends are varied from different clusters and I appreciate their differences.

6. My car is my feet, my bike, and the cars that belong to my friends. I'm a lucky bitch.

7. My love life is the life that I love, and dear dear Z. And my family and friends.

8. I hate it when people ask where I am going to for raya. Well, not that I really hate it, but I'm responsible of not having an answer for that. Anyway, I guess the correct answer would be Taiping because mom goes there each year.

9. Love is the peace felt when dear dear Z bear with me being carried away with my nonsense, and standing on beside me even when I have my weaknesses.

10. Marriage is the beauty captured in photos on the dais or at the end of the isle, and during the feast.

11. Somewhere, someone is thinking on how to move a step further in going to reach their dreams in life.

12. I'm always full of rackets in my mind- but there's always a chance to honor their presence and still do the wise decisions anyway.

13. I have a secret cheesy crush on dear dear Z- but it's an open secret already. I have a crush on Uttsada too. Ops.

14. My cell phone is cool- it has the best audio system ever, with BOOMING bass in the tiny earbuds. It is where my life's soundtrack is- Nakashima Mika, Hirai Ken, Siti Nurhaliza, Anuar Zain, and a huge bunch of wind symphonies.

15. When I wake up in the morning, that would be after the phone alarm rings Agnes Monica.

16. When I go to bed at night, I indulge the softness and thickness of my quilt cover, and three pillows.

17. Right now I am thinking about my bed. After all it's already two am.

18. Babies are cute angels and cute demons at the same time. They are adorable nevertheless.

19. I get on MySpace whenever I am feeling like a fame whore.

20. Today I watch small parts of Konsert 3 Diva at Ria. The parts that I din manage to watch was due to the heavy rain.

21. Tonight I will really have a nice time sleeping on my bed. Everybody envies the comfort it has to offer.

22. Tomorrow I will see if my ulcer gets better. I will drink more water. I need to practice my trumpet, can't really do that with injured lips.

23. I really want to go the furthest with my trumpet.

24. Someone that will most likely repost this is someone who like to talk about life. At least his or her own life.


lyana said...

lalala. SULTAN mattress okeh? sultan!


savante said...

Now I'm curious how you sound with a trumpet?!

::airswift:: said...

yeahh... sponsored generously by my good friend lyana. she's a good friend you know!!

::airswift:: said...

well, i could say i am improving a lot with my sound on the trumpet. heheh.

Bibik Nyonya said...

bayak nyer post yg i miss...terkejut mak okeh...

::airswift:: said...

it's okay read them one by one, slowly. hik.