give up judging, and people will share.

A story told by my Indian colleague, about his friend in his former company.

There was this young Malay guy.
He was courageous, outgoing, jokes a lot,
and he is also doing really well in his career life.
He has succeeded to be at the upper level in the organization chart.

Everything went well,
but as a human, he slipped out of his smooth path in life.
Being adventurous, this man went over the country border
and slept around with a lot of women.
Such entertainment can be easily gotten- just by providing cash.

And then one day he was given a huge shock - he discovered that he is HIV positive.

Once the company knew this, he was discarded from the organization chart.
And he was fired from his job.

This happy go lucky person’s life was crippled.
He had no where to go, and he stayed at home with his wife and kids.

He called my colleague, persuading my colleague to visit and aid him.
“Nobody else wants me.”

My colleague went over to his house,
and the guy was in a devastating state.
He lost weight, and appeared skin and bones.
He was half conscious, drugged by the medication he has taken,
now that his immune system relies on that.

Despite that my friend is a Hindu,
He touched his friend’s forehead with his two fingers,
And sternly said to him-

“What is this? You let yourself going down in a total mess.
Focus on the word ALLAH in your head.
Focus on that.
All this, is given by God to wake you up.
You have your wife here strongly supporting on you.
Focus on the word ALLAH and things will eventually be better.”

After hearing that,
This half conscious guy,
Suddenly ran around the house,
Crying and bellowing.

My colleague was stunned.

And then his sick friend said to him-
“That was the exact thing being told by the man I met in the mosque”.
Or a sign?
Up to individuals to think.

And my colleague gave him a hug.

Regardless of being HIV positive,
This man was offered another decent job,
And he is doing fine.

Maybe he lost his fame,
Maybe he has fallen down with a disease that
Will forever be with him,
But he’s not dying today.

And he still have people love him unconditionally-
His wife, his kids,
And God.

Things happening around us,
Whether it is straightforwardly sweet and sufficient,
Or challenging and full of pain,
It is for us to think
What is shown beneath
The things given by God.

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