humans ARE judgmental

"Give up being prejudice- and see the values and potential within all walks of life."

This week has set my eyes opened and touched by all the inspiring stories being shared by the people working around me in this college.

Time and again, I will always try to give up being prejudice, and judge people by their blood, where they come from, their education and by their own behavior.

I never say it’s going to be easy.
For instance:

How do you give up being prejudice to a male student who sits for an exam, wearing shorts and ear rings?

True that it’s not the appropriate attire, but how do you act professionally and advice to the student accordingly, and not based on what your feelings says inside and being rude?

How do you give up being prejudice to a foreign lecturer who seems to talk about things that don’t catch your interest- that you label as nonsense?

True that some of us regard them as “irritating” and they have an “irritating accent” when they speak, but how do we give up living in the norm where a person look down at the other?

It goes back to the basics.
We are instruments of God.
It is not up to us to judge people-
But we can always look into what’s workable.

And of course it’s not easy to do so because we are human. We have this voice at the back of our head- telling us to be skeptic, to stay judgmental world- “It’s a judgmental world after all. You judge me, I judge you.”

I’m not letting myself falling into that.
I’m going to constantly drag myself out of it, each time I slip.

After all that’s what my charter of life says.
After all what I got this week is worth keeping as a guide for my own life.

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Perky said...

I think it's almost impossible to give up being prejudice. There's only 1 person in the world who isn't n that person is our prophet.

We humans find it easier to cast judgement on others coz trying to understand why that person dresses a certain way, or acts weird will most certainly give us headaches (not to mention time consuming!).