story mory

Hello everybody.
How was your whole week?
Mine was filled up with a lot of activities.

It started with a Friday night where I decided to hit the dance floor
and after an hour I call it quits,
Because my knees boredom were killing me.
Am I growing old? No, I guess maybe there are more interesting things to do on a Friday night, like.. err.. sleeping?

On Saturday morning I had all the spirit to go to KL and swim,
Although I know I’ll be burnt by the sun by noon.

After my refreshing swimming,
I straight away went to the bookshop at KLCC,
And bought myself two trumpet score books.
After I’m done, I rode my bike and was in a jolly mood-

Until a Mercedes, without warning,
Swerved an illegal u-turn.
My bike hit the bumper
And I flew, with my bike, and my books.
Weee… berguling guling.

Two workers nearby saw the scene
And lifted me up
And scolded the Merc owner.
Piak piak piak.

I’m lucky, if not for them,
I might be paying 2k just to sandpaper and repaint the Merc bumper.

That Saturday night I went and watch my friend’s school concert
And the youngsters who were at the seats
Prefer to make noise rather than watch the show.

On Sunday morning, I joined my friends
To Lake Gardens for the Terry Fox charity run.

My gals at the run- Mama Diva, Joubes and Miao.

There were so many people.
Hundreds of them.
Malaysians and angmohs all together.

We enjoyed the run,
And we were exhausted too.
Couldn’t wait to reach home.
And then suddenly the car broke down.
Knowing that all of us were tired,
I took the role to wave away the cars passing by so that they don’t knock into our car.
Shooh shooh, don’t knock our car, knock our doors three times and give us pizza.

Oh don't take my picture so not glamour.

With all the chaotic events that I got involved-
I got a lil’ bit sick, but I still managed to go to work.

Little tiny sickness
Turned worse
And I had flu, sore throat,
*cough cough
And suddenly my scary childhood asthma
Came by and visited me again after a few years.
Not that I missed it dearly anyway.

So my few working days
Was about me walking slowly,
Vomiting and wheezing.
*Uhuk uhuk

I still got the remnants of my sickness today,
Hopefully I’ll be superb in a few hours.

So that was my whole week in a nutshell.
I think nutshell also not enough-lah,
Let’s put them all in one cute kotak sabun.
Fit enough not?


Perky said...

The way u wrote this post kinda reminded me of children's book. Very cute! It made me senyum tak henti-henti (which is kinda insensitive of me to do esp the part where u got involved in the accident... but bcoz of the way u write it, i ketawa like that u know!)

::airswift:: said...

the intention of the post
is to cheer people up.
i'm honored if you smiled.
it's quite a hot monday today.
don't you think so?