After stepping into looking at a new view in life,
I get a lot of response from the people around me.
Sometimes I see that they are happy with my improvement.
Sometimes I see that they feel weird with my change in life.
Sometimes they agree, sometimes they disagree.
Sometimes they even wonder why did I join the seminar in the first place.

Well for a start, this whole education works for me.
I could not imagine if I did not enter it-
Perhaps I will linger for another few years looking high and low for the PERFECT job,
instead of trying on taking the offer as an IT assistant.

Imagine me without doing Landmark- I would have say NO to IT related jobs, I would say NO to graduation, I would say that my family is a total wreck, I would even say that God is unfair for making me gay. And I would feel miserable because I wasn't lucky for not getting a music degree and get a useless computer degree instead.

And I would continue judging people and not accepting them- and in the end I would blame them and blame life- I would say that life sucks. I did not asked to be born after all.

Those kinds of "being" that I mentioned above- might be the predicted future that I will have- if not for the seminar education that I entered.

Clearly, the things that I got for myself are as below:

a) Right now, as a changed person, I can really see that life is not about being limited and restricted. Life is all about choices. I can choose to be human and remain upset, and I can do that because that's what I chose. I can also choose to take the risk of taking that new job offer- or just choose to stay happily with what I have.

I now see that all decisions have their own sets of impact. By seeing this and accepting it- I can live in reality and not feeling stuck.

b) Also by seeing that all decisions have its own impact, I can be responsible to it, and whatever happens, I can give up my upset and make it less significant to myself. Things happen, and they happen. What makes a difference is that how I act upon it- including seeking advice from everyone else.

c) I can start wholly looking at people the way they are and they way they are not. I can also accept that people will agree or disagree with me- there's nothing wrong about it.

d) By learning to accept people the way they are and the way they are not, I can continuously give up labeling them and love them with all that I can. I can listen them to their point of view, and if I don't agree or don't condone it- it doesn't matter, it's just they way it is- we have difference in opinions, that's all. Nobody is right or wrong in this matter. The first intention is that I can start learn to be with them, and just allowing them to be themselves.

So. Yeah, I can see clearly that I get a lot in life throughout the proccess. And I am commited that will continously get those breakthroughs.

But if you stil disagree- it's okay, I accept that- in life, disagreements exist. :)

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Mr Rainbow Man said...

It's hard to be gay and it will take a long time to accept that fact I've learnt it the hard way