family ties don't die

Last week, mom called.
She informed me about dad’s suggestion to bring us all out for a nice dinner in a shop that serves Middle Eastern food.

I was surprised that everyone was there.
There was my sister who finally came back from New Zealand with her business degree. She’s planning to fly back there to continue her studies.
And my current “runaway” brother was also there too, obeying with my dad’s request to come.
And mom and dad, who are now really in good terms.

It was the full set, all eight of us in the family, and the food is really nice too.

When I totally open myself to accept my family the way they are and they way they are not, it initiated me to change my communication with them. And that slowly gives a space to create a sense of relatedness between my family members. It's really like a chain effect, one leading to another.

You see, people are resigned when it comes to accept and be responsible in all relationships- including how we are related to our family members. I’ve been there too. I was resigned and I scoff when I see that other families are united, because I did not believe that mine is united and would never be.

And then I learned to give up putting meanings and labels to my family, regardless of anything that happened in the past years- because they happened and it doesn’t mean anything. And when I see that it’s possible that my family is already united- and yeah, it’s true, they have already been united in a unique way, fighting through the obstacles in this ship called family.

And it seems that all of a sudden-
We are having a dinner together- all eight of us, having laughter all through the night.

Thank God. I am grateful that I am able to grasp the Landmark conversation- perhaps this is the path that He showed for me to embrace reality.

P/S: My family is moving out to a nicer house- time to throw old unused junk and pretty the new home!!

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