have you renewed your road tax?

Today, 16th of January, is the day my bike road tax expires. I’ve already paid a bike shop to get it renewed but they only managed to renew only my bike insurance.


Because my bike is blacklisted by the police.

I tried to recall, and I checked my record through the internet.
The traffic summon that had me blacklisted was given by a cop, since I was caught not using the troublesome motor lane and I dengan konfidennya used the highway instead. (That was at the Federal Highway just before Hilton if you are curious about the location.)

This whole thing made me panic.
First, traffic summons are not normally cheap. Ratus-ratus you know!
Second, the fine that was granted on me by the abang police was dated on last year, in June.

The thought ringing in my head-

I’m going to have to scratch all my savings and I will humiliate myself entering the court because my fine due date is WAY expired.

So as I was being in my own worry,
I tried to look it the other way round.
It doesn’t mean that my money is going to finish and I won’t get money forever.
It doesn’t mean that my reputation would be affected just because of me having to enter the court.

What works for now is that I can just go directly to the traffic police station and check with them. There is always a first step to make things settled and not to make things go worse- despite that I have this fear of what may come next.

Just play it like a game, and use whatever steps that could be taken in the game- instead of just sitting there worrying and doing nothing.

I thank myself for taking action to at least go to the summon counter- because now I know that I only need to pay 80 bucks and it’s all settled.

So much of worrying, huh?


joshua said...

i wonder, if would i find u on my GPS... a small dot in damansara.

::airswift:: said...

hehe.. well I ride a humble bike. Unless if I got a Merc with all those gadgets in it.