safari! safari! safari!

Note: this is a verrrrrrry belated post.

It was drizzling when we arrived at Melaka Zoo.
But we went anyway because we’ve sort of planning and waiting for the best weekend to do this trip. Furthermore, so far that I remembered, I never experienced going to the zoo before. Thanks to Bibik who invited me and Mama Diva, now I can say I’ve been to one!

Of course we divas have to withstand the uncomfortable humidity and heat inside a place full of animals and trees, but it was worth for the fun.

Real life troll?

Walking dried durian?

Eh who put this Toys R Us giraffe here?

Not-so-pink flamingo.

Don’t let it trample on you.

In this photo, the bird looks small. But actually the grills of the cage themselves are thick and huge, and this bird is humungous. Sigh. I always trying so hard to explain and convince people why birds seem small but actually they are huge. People can only believe when they see the real thing :P (What lah am I mumbling about? Mumbler!)

Imagine if these horns attack a forte.

Just like a painting.

Mama Lion.

Tigers and lions are so spoilt. Others had to stay in cages or glass boxes, but they got to live in a LANDSCAPE.

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