deep intro but blonde at the end.

Before showering your love to the others, love yourself first.
That’s a profound advice that my friend told me recently.
What could be defined as loving yourself-
Is to know that you can be responsible in all situations, the high and the low.

Of course it’s sweet to expect for the other to show that they care for me.
But it’s even better if I can look into what could I give rather than just receiving.

Learning to get fulfillment from the experience of contributing to people, without demanding anything from the receiver is the type of happiness that no one could steal from you. It gives you this sense that you are using your life beyond yourself as a single person, but as a part of the network around you.

I can start contributing just by being with them, get their world and feel what they feel. Defending my own point of view is not significant, because, hey, everyone has different opinions.

Before giving love to the others, you must love yourself first.
Since I am so much in love with myself, I bought myself something special.
Is it a gratitude for myself that I have reached to a certain level in life?
Is it a symbol of the independence that I am now able to grasp and make use of in life?
Is it a sign of power of myself who is already running my engines in life?

It’s just a piece of white gold ring.

Haha told you. Deep intro but blonde at the end.


ZEYN said...


Tiffany & Co. eh?

::airswift:: said...

hahaha.. NO LAH!!
my money is not THAT much.
it's just a humble piece of white gold from Lazo Diamond.

Perky said...

Wow! Someone bought bling bling. How come never show to me when we went to lunch today? :P Keji engkau! hahha

::airswift:: said...

eh~ i was wearing it what.
mebbe it's not as happening as your real diamond ring, so it's a bit not noticeable la. :P

next time we meet together-gether you can notice-notice already kowt. huhu