ups and downs- this might be one of his downs

One of the hottest issues being spread in the Malaysian mass media is Faizal Tahir, the singer who did some out of the ordinary acts on stage; being topless and all. (Personally I don't give a damn, although he needs to cut out those loose fat).

The public was informed that due to his action, there is a ban being given to TV stations for three months, and he himself was being banned from a lot of stuff including singing in the anticipated Anugerah Juara Lagu program.

Comments being given by people were such as “He doesn’t learn his lesson”, “He deserves worse punishment”, and “He tarnished the image of nasyid group, considering that he was a former nasyid singer”.

How I first spotted Faizal Tahir was when he got second place in the One In a Million singing contest. I honestly think that his vocals caught my attention.

Despite that, his current mistake really caused an uproar in the whole society.
I do understand that to people’s point of view, he appears arrogant, not likeable, and went overboard.

But inside me I can’t help saying that, yeah, people do make mistakes, and people do repeat them. Faizal Tahir’s mistakes made him received a very strong punishment by the TV stations, the government and the judgment of the public.

I just think it’s about time people re-think. Pressure has already been put onto this potential singer, and we might kill something which is actually good inside, and we are left with pretentious singers who did more wrong in their life, and in the first place their vocal and music quality is not good after all.

Hopefully Faizal Tahir will learn through his mistakes and don’t give up enliving his passion.

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lyana said...

my dear,

It is a question of how negative-thinking our society has become. he is an entertainer, he needs to find ways to amuse and entertain people.

and seeing a topless guy on tv should not make us any less morale than we are. If one finds it offensive, then turn off the tv. If there're kids there, tell them it's improper to display your 'didn't-go-to-the-gym-for-years' body to the public and move on.