this is what i want in life.

Despite of the existence of skepticism, doubt and uncertainty in the logical world,
I am still moving on with this sweetest aim that I have in life-

To be a world class trumpet player.

I know it’s huge and unimaginable, but to have this unimaginable dream is something that keeps me going on. And on. And on.

I am constantly reminded that this is a very rough route and I do not have that much time.
At the same time I am also given with priceless advice and guide to open up the alternative routes that I can choose to reach to that unimaginable level as a trumpeter.

You can’t get such consultation anywhere. Critics and comments is the best guidance actually- out of concern and care from individuals around me. I should now listen to opinions and advice in the context of how it would bring me forward.

Really, I have no time to feel discouraged. Time is limited! Either I keep on in action, or I just sell off my trumpet for good. No way am I going to do the latter.

I have now put myself to practice my trumpet at least half an hour per day- rain or shine, fresh or sleepy, happy or sad. Basically I am putting my practice schedule after I wake up around 6 am after Subuh, just before I do my morning work out. Should I wake up late, then I will have to restore my practice in the evening.

I am now looking into how I can get good scores besides mastering the scores that I’ve already got in hand. The type of music sheet that I would prefer are the light and lyrical ones, if not popular, so that they would suit with small shows that I am looking forward to perform; either as an individual solo or playing duet with a pianist.

Besides that, I would regularly update and share with the people around me of what I have done so far. By that, I would have myself constantly on track to what I really want in life- getting to a level unimaginable with my trumpet.

Friends, please bless me.

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