the best solution

The child went home and had a heated argument with the mother.
It ended up the child wiping tears, hastily carrying the luggage bag away,
Saying, “you will never understand that your son is born gay. I will leave this house forever.”

That was the last they’ve ever heard about the child.

Oh, pleaseeeee.. save the BS.
I’ve just created the drama above.
Ha ha ha.

*Twirls happily

Referring to the previous post,
I now see that the best thing to do is- just do nothing.
(In the first place have you read my previous post? Scroll down and read it first-lah. No wonder you look so blur-blur like that.)

If I am to be generous and look into how the situation lands on my mom’s side,
I can really understand how she feels ashamed of the letter "berbau gay" that my siblings discovered inside my stack of junk.

Doing nothing and just let the situation be,
Doesn’t mean that I couldn’t figure out what’s the best action to be done.
It is indeed the best solution for this situation.

Imagine if I prolong the conversation,
Trying to defend my own sexuality,
And trying to fix things,
when actually it’s fine that things happened,
and they don’t need fixing.

Trying to fix would only make things worse.

If you are gay, it’s just common sense for things like this to happen.
Don’t defend your opinion,
And don’t lie that you have changed,
saying "oh mama I can get married
now that I don't like guys with muscular chest anymore".

Just be at peace, and shut the mouth, and be with your mom.
That’s the best gift, out of loving, respecting and understanding your parent.

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