converting your faith

I was invited to go to a get together dinner by a not-so-close friend who I occasionally go to club with on weekend nights.

The host is a good cook and all the Malay dishes were delicious.

Gays in earlier twenties to late thirties came for the occasion.

And then the host made an announcement, with a smile on his face.

Tonight would be the last night I can gather with all of you my friends.
I will be getting married next month, and here in this photo is my sweet dear wife.
Please come for the wedding dinner.

The guests around him were playfully interviewing him-
How do you feel knowing that you are getting married?

He replied.
Well this is arranged by my parents,
But this is the thing that I want- to be married at the age of 25.
As of what I feel, I feel so happy that finally I am getting married,
although slightly sad that I am going to do so at a young age.
But this is what we call as good fate.

After the short announcement,
he and the whole gang took a lot of pictures with the camera.

As they were having a cheerful get together,
I was feeling a bit sad that this friend has chosen a path
Where he will leave all his current life behind.

But you don’t have to agree with another opinion-
If you are certain that the path you chosen would give the best benefit in your life.
If he is content with the decision, then that would be the best for him.

And I was privileged to observe such an event in life.


ZEYN said...


he is really, really let go of his past, to embark on a new but uncertain life, and to believe that he'd find contentment as he sails through it.

::airswift:: said...

yeap. he's really brave.