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Today I’ve realized that out of my struggle of trying to put away this upset of rejection and humiliation, I missed the essence of it.

I actually have given too much worrying on what the others might think of my playing, and the impact is that I blow my instrument solely through a state of worrying. I was not playing out of my initial intention- out of unconditional passion of playing. Do my best and play out of loving it, not out of worrying.

I’ll continue my journey, focusing on what I need to do to have myself mentally and physically prepared.

Next step is to order the required scores online, and to start memorizing scales C,D,E,F and G, as requested by my tutor.

As I am already prepared to look for further challenges, suddenly I received a call!

True enough. I’ve failed the audition.
But they were giving me a different opportunity- to attend the music camp, get an exposure, and mingle with the young musicians.

My prayers, dream and possibility-
is still being heard.


lyana said...


Perky said...

That's fabulous news!

You know, when 1 door closes, another one opens. That's so true in your case darling! =)

::airswift:: said...

yeah.. that's really true.