i was injured

I was injured.
Emotionally and mentally I think.

Well I had to do a medical checkup far in Bangi, because it's the official panel health center for the company I am hired to in March.

I thought it was just a medical check up- X ray, a little hand pressure by the doctor on the tummy, and then some urine test, but-

They had to draw my blood for Hepatitis test.

So far as my history has been told, I will go pale when it comes to blood test.
Exemption for the case of me having dengue years ago- I was too weak to even care if they check my blood.

So there I was, trembling a little, biting my lips a little-
Feeling the slight sting of the syringe needle-
And when I opened my eyes, they are done-
with the syringe tube full of black red blood.

That was when my system started to breakdown.
As I walk to the gents to fill up the small container with my urine for test,
I feel as if the blood of my whole body was drawn out.

My face started to feel extremely cold.

Err.. no, not this kind of feel good chills.

Yeah, more like this.

And after I passed my urine to the nurses-
They saw that my face was white.

Had no choice but to ask permission to lie down on the small blue bed.
Five minutes and I was okay.

Darned. That was.. shy lah.


Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing! How are you feeling now? Are you ok? What's the result says?

::airswift:: said...

well everything's well.
i am a healthy fit boy. :)