cute things in my cute apartment

Photos taken with my Sony W810i phone..

Sometimes I keep gift boxes since they're nice.
The tall grey was given by PakarSaintis and the small red was a Bodyshop Christmas gift from my trumpet student's mother.

Sesame Street!
Ernie was given to me by my dad, after my circumcision. :P
The flag, I got it from Singapore lah. Just a week after their National Day.

A small fish tank owned by my housemate.

Got this quilt cover set at 70 percent off! Feels like Puteri Gunong Ledang..

Keeping the vege fresh for my iguana Hoshi.

White flowers with red background. One stalk was from Mydin, the other was from Ikea. The red paper was bought in Sungei Wang.

Small Bali corner? The candle was a gift by the Sylvester sisters.


Anonymous said...

May I ask if you're Malay or Chinese?

::airswift:: said...

I'm a 100% Malay guy by blood. Mom's from up north, Dad's from down south, and I was born in the middle of the peninsular.