why do i blog?

Why do people blog?
Some want popularity and high traffic.
Some have it as an extension of them reaching people.
Some want to speak things they don't usually speak in real life.

As for me, I also want all of the above. Hahaha.
But my main intention is to have people see that there's hope in life.
You make your life miserable when you hate it.
You make your life workable, and wonderful, if you just accept and deal with it.

But as I blog through the years,
Some say that my blog has turned boring.
(But I have more readers now, how lah? Ha ha ha)

Why my blog seems boring nowadays? Maybe:

They miss the blonde in me-
They miss me snapping and cursing at people and make the world shake it around baby.
They miss me doing silly stuff and laugh about it.

I can always do more things at the same time right?
Have people inspired- and enlightened by the blonde silly things in life.

(You all really keji. Complain a lot only, boring la itu la ini lah. Benci.)

Let's see if I can blow some humour in here. Hmm.

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