I have learned last week, with very costly price.

There was this time when I suddenly decided to write an email to my close friends.

The email appeared like a declaration of my plans on my budget.
And then my friends gave me advice, but I coldly declined them.

It went ugly and all of us got upset.

What my friends told me are true and I do silently follow their advice. Ironically, out in the open I was so into making myself right and making them wrong, and I continue on annoying, hurting and offending them.

I stopped and looked back on what I have done.
Apparently, my action on sending an email to everyone has no good intention in it-
It was nothing better than a complain, and in between the lines I was actually asking people to shut up on talking about the things that I do with my money.

And how bad was I to have that intention towards my very own friends, who actually cared about me! Asking friends to shut up- what kind of friend am I?

No wonder that although how much I put pretty words in it, eventually the email lead to an ugly ending which impacted my relationship with my friends.

In future, when I speak, I should see what's my core motive of doing it.
Do I want to use my voice to construct, or destruct?

To friends,
If you read this, I owe you an apology.
I've tried to lighten things up, but maybe that was a bad decision.
I am aware that you all are still angry with me, I am sorry.
May these few coming quiet months will teach me to value friendship even more.

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