why bother?

Occasionally people question me on some decisions that I have taken based on my faith.

True, I maybe gay, and I openly disagree with some conservative rules, but accept this fact- I am still a Moslem.

If I am imperfect at executing certain rules given by the book, it doesn’t mean that I am now eligible to toss away the whole book from my life.

All beings are created to serve to God.
You can look at it as a burden, but you can accept it like you accept life.
It doesn’t mean that you have to be pious; but it's about how you live your life.

So why bother trying?
Because your deeds are counted even at a minute atomic scale.
Because even the smallest action taken can make a difference.
One split second can save you from a fatal accident.
One small contact of metal can cause an explosion.
One small crack can cause the whole plane to fail.

Naturally we can easily give up on actions that seem to feel difficult, although we know that the actions are meant to build our character and make things better in the long run.

Let us learn to appreciate it when people are trying.
Judging when they fail just won’t make any good.


Perky said...

I think it's embedded in the human gene to quickly point fingers when a person fails, and almost immediately ppl forget the good things that person has done.

So i guess it's a learning process for everyone - trying to be better as well as trying to appreciate others who are trying.

::airswift:: said...

that includes me too.
being skeptical is so natural.