isn't it wonderful?

Walking out of the building lobby after another refreshing rehearsal (yeah, sometimes they feel so refreshing, like after I do a good swim or a workout), I realized how fortunate I am to be able to live up to my possibility as a first class trumpet player.

I admit that I’ve slipped a few times, I sat in the comfort zone often, and sometimes yeah progress is slow and all humanity would doubt about my actions.

But all those became insignificant as I looked up at the lobby, really realizing that here I am- warming up my trumpet with the fellow young musicians, in one of the prestigious buildings.

Thousands of people out there would want to be here.

I am happy, and I look forward to do more.

Do come to the concert.


ZEYN said...


my best to you for the concert.

jangan gemuruh-gemuruh tau! :)

::airswift:: said...


takpe... main ramai ramai one whole gang won't takut that much. :P