trying to put it into words

Istana Budaya.

This is one of the best concerts that I performed so far.

What’s interesting about this show is that each and every detail of it was taken care of, and when all of it is assembled together- it gives an exhilarating experience.

We were given the chance to focus in improving our music, and we were treated really well.

I love it when the tickets are sold properly, printed as equal as the other standard production tickets of the theater house.

I love it when rehearsals are done strategically, and for the last few days we were given coupons to get any food that we want from the café.

It gave me chills when I entered the actual hall for the final rehearsal-

Facing the audience seats,
Dim lights showering us,
An elegant design of the hall that I’ve always accustomed to see as a concert goer-
but this time in the perspective of a performer, standing onstage.


It’s somehow similar to what I’ve ever dreamt of in my imagination.
It’s so surreal.

These are few pictures I took on the big day.

Lower brass warming up, before the show.

Flautists preparing.

Felt like a star when I entered from backstage, just after the dressing room.

And then it was the time of the performance.
I love it when the orchestra is able to produce good sound-

-good pitch, well balanced volume between the winds and the strings,
-extremely emphasized dynamics- it ranges from the softest whisper of the strings, to the loudest bang of the timpani.
-expression is put deep into the music, all of us could feel the emotions in it- be it sorrow of the solemn parts or the grandeur feeling of the maestoso.

Two musicians and a mineral water bottle- backstage.

This concert, I’ve created a record by inviting my relatives to the concert.
They came, and I was overwhelmed.
They all enjoyed the concert very much,
And they were astounded that these young musicians could produce such excellent music.
For most of my relatives, that was the first time they watched me performed.
It’s felt like this declaration- this is who I am, this is what I do in life.

This is not the end of it.
I have a long journey to go.
Like we all say- the sky is the limit.
I am looking forward for more.


chikanozboy said...

Wow, congrats man. Not all will get the chance to perform on that very stage. Proud of u, clap clap clap..

::airswift:: said...

this one achievement is a result of everyone's support. :)

ZEYN said...


Congrats on the show's success! never ever look down on yourself and your talent.

wish i was there...

::airswift:: said...

it's okay, there are more to come :)

Anonymous said...

I've watched the NSO performed Beethoven 9th Symphony and I'm sorry to say this but it sucks! Only the choir is good although not great. So is this OKR a branch out from the NSO? Is it all new members recruited to form a new orchestra? What's the age limit for OKR?

And how come you didn't inform me about the concert? You should know from my blog that I'm a huge fan of classical music, kan? :( What lah you! Sob...sob...

And some more Beethoven's 5th Symphony is like the most famous one. I would like to hear. Alah! miss already :( So how was the feedback?

If there is any classical concert in future, could you please give a shout at my blog in the chatbox? Thanks in advance.

::airswift:: said...

wah! that bad ah?
how bad did NSO played?
tell me more about it
because i didn't watch that show.

well so far everyone who came
enjoyed our concert. and we definitely enjoyed ourselves too.

the age limit is 25 years old.
but i went for the audition anyway,
because i want to join, mingle with the young musicians, and gain knowledge from the pros.

regardless that i'm the old oak tree,
i'm grateful that they acccepted me anyway.

okay i'll inform you next time.

::airswift:: said...

oh by the way the youth orchestra is a non profit group. it's where young talents can learn and get exposed.