okay, i'll read the manual

After only two weeks at my new job, I started to have a certain judgment on my work environment and the people in it.

I started to have labels in the relationship between me and my direct superior.
I see myself as a new staff who wants to learn a lot in order to contribute, but I get triggered when each time I get a certain way of response from my boss.

“Have you read the manual?”
“Read the instructions.”
“Find the directory yourself.”

I felt uncomfortable and disappointed.
I make it mean that each time I do a task, it’s not good enough.
I have no inner peace and going to work start to feel like surviving life.
This is all triggered by my little voice making it mean that I am not qualified, not competent and not good for the post.

All of these meanings are created by me and I can actually choose to recreate according to a different context. My boss is just being the way she is, it doesn’t mean that she’s degrading me!

I expect life to be polite and pleasing. And I created my own standards of what is the definition of being polite and pleasing.

Get real! Now, I can choose to give up the crap and continue learning, improving my knowledge and get experience, in the aspects of my technical skills and also my way of dealing all sorts of people- even the most difficult ones.

Now I can view my boss as someone who is giving me the good push for me to learn things quick and be as skillful as the rest. Furthermore, I can be in her shoes and see that she is having a lot of job schedules to execute. Of course she will always be in stress.

Accept her the way she is. The way she gives me drive for my direction, and willing to communicate even though that she’s busy all the time.

Take the challenge, be proactive, and at peace.
There’s a possibility of being compassionate and sincere, in my career life.

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