the shortest distance is a straight line

Breaking my barrier on communicating has given me a new access of relating to people. I now believe that I can actually approach anyone if I want to.

I’ve always got this perception on straight guys, and I sometimes get really cautious since I know that me and them- we’re totally coming from different worlds.

Only that when I stop judging them for what they are, I see that they are actually really cool people to get along with.

We’ve always gave them labels right on their foreheads that they are not fashionable, and not pleasing to the eye. When actually, there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, at some point, this trait of being simple, practical and no nonsense is what makes them easy to talk with especially when it's serious business. They get even nicer to be with when they turn 25, matured and really sensible.

What happened on my second and third day at work really made me salute the straight blokes in town.

On the second day, just when I reached the parking area at my office, suddenly my bike engine leaked terribly. There was a pool of petrol, and I had to close one of its main petrol pipe. My whole shirt smells like gasoline.

In that panic, the men from the admin section were willing to accompany me, drove the company’s Pajero, lifted my bike on the jeep, and we brought it all the way to a workshop, at the neighboring town.

On the third day, after five, the heavy rain had just stopped. Water had entered my engine and I couldn’t kick start it at all, even though I tried kicking for the hundredth time.

I was in the imagination of how to camp at this place which is an hour away from Damansara, when suddenly those straight bike riders walked towards me and helped.

They kicked started it, failed. They took a screw driver and did something to my engine- water and petrol came out. And then the engine could start.

I did not even lift a finger.

These people are so helpful. They don’t even raise their eyebrows and judge you.
They’re great.

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